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Wow, long time no update! :D

I have been really busy these last few months… a lot of shows and other cool stuff! :)

I got some secret projects I can´t talk about at the moment but one exciting thing I CAN tell you is that we have filmed a music video for my song ‘Brick By Brick’! The video is planned to be released in October but I have a teaser for it out already.

This is the song on soundcloud:


and spotify:

click to listen to Brick By Brick on spotify

And here is the teaser on youtube:

Directed by Rodion Sam, have a look at

An update for some coming shows

Hi, long time now see! =)

I have been keeping busy, both with my own music but with a lot of other music related stuff… I will fill you in more on this later, but for now I wanna give you an update regarding some coming shows. You can have a look for yourself under the ”Shows” tab. Next show is July 17th at Wij Trädgårdar i Ockelbo .

I will be performing together with the talented Jonas Strömberg who will be playing piano/keys, slide, gutiar and bass (not at the same time though). I have also a show booked for the whole band, July 30th, at arton.78 in Söderhamn, more info to come.

I also have gotten a show booked that I am excited about. It´s at Strömmingsleken in Söderhamn August 23rd and I´ll be playing just before The Poodles, really looking forward to it! =)  More info to come about that too.

Well, I am gonna go rehearse with Jonas now, see ya! =)

Have been a busy month! :)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, have been a busy month!

I have played live on the radio, done a couple of acoustic solo gigs and first and foremost, I have released my full length album, ‘Long Road To Hell And Back’. The album is available on ”most places” online, search and you shall find. Let me know if you miss it anywhere! =)

The release party went well, I had an awesome time, the guests where very pleased and me and the band did a helluva show! I have posted a short clip from the show on youtube:

First rough video from the release party show.

My webshop is also up and running. Look at the ”shop” tab or go to:

Web shop for Mattias Törnell

I have also added a ”coming shows” tab so you can see where I (alone or with the band) will be performing next.

Well, I think that´s it for now. Have a nice day, see you around! =)

The album is done!

The album is done, yay! =D

I have sent the CD master and the graphic files to the company that is creating it for me. Have ordered some merch and a backdrop as well.

Had a meeting yesterday at the place for the Release Party , will be an awesome day and evening. Things are really coming together now, I am really looking forward to the Release Party and the summer!

Also have gotten a good deal with a couple of hotels in Gävle for the Release Party. I will be sending info on how to get discounted rooms to the people that has bought tickets for the event.

Great news! =)

I am doing the final mixing of the album this week alongside with the final album design. Mastering next week and then sending it for reproduction, feels awesome!
I have set date, time and place for my releaseparty. Have a look at this facebook event if you are interested in the details and getting your tickets:
Release party

Well, back to work, see you around!

Long time no hear! =)

Hey, it´s me again! Just poppin’ in to give you a quick update. I had a gig this weekend at Gefle Hårdsrockklubb ( ) . I got to open for the awesome rock trio Bridge To Mars ( ) .
I played some of my own songs and mixed it up with acoustic versions of some favorite rock/metal songs. Here´s the setlist:
Break Out (original song, will be releasd in April)
Everlong (Foo Fighters)
Tears Don´t Fall (Bullet For My Valentine)
In This World (Original Song, will be releasd in April)
Sober (Tool)
Hurricane (Original Song, will be releasd in April)

I will be uploading some videos from the show when I´ve gotten them from the camera guy and get some spare time to do it in! =)
Have a great day and week!