HAPPY NEW YEAR! Recap of 2014

So, here is a quick recap of 2014

A bunch of live shows:

Gefle Hårdrocksklubb (Gävle) Acoustic rock-ish show

Blå Scenen (Gävle) Acoustic solo show

Spegeln (Gävle) Acoustic solo show

Wij trädgårdar (Ockelbo) 3 shows. Each was 2*45 minutes of more slow/lounge versions of my songs plus some covers. Accompanied by Jonas on piano, slide, acoustic guitar.

arton78 (Söderhamn) I played here 3 times. 1 alone, 1 with the full band and 1 ”alternative” with another guitarplayer and an electronic drummer… videos available on youtube. :)

Teatern (Söderhamn)

Vernissage (Stockholm)

and of course my huge release concert at Spegeln. That was with my full band plus a bunch of guests on various instruments. I have to say that that was the highlight show of the year. :)


Other noteworthy stuff:

I released my debut album, ‘Long Road To Hell And Back’.

I have gotten a few request from people that want to use my music for various things… a documentary, some covers and so on. Looking forward to seeing what might happen in 2015.

I have started a bunch of new collabs with different people, a wide range of influences and genres… looking forward to seing what will come out of those as well.


So, that was the year in recap. I am looking forward to 2015, I am sure this year will be even better for me! Happy New Year! :D

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