Have been a busy month! :)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, have been a busy month!

I have played live on the radio, done a couple of acoustic solo gigs and first and foremost, I have released my full length album, ‘Long Road To Hell And Back’. The album is available on ”most places” online, search and you shall find. Let me know if you miss it anywhere! =)

The release party went well, I had an awesome time, the guests where very pleased and me and the band did a helluva show! I have posted a short clip from the show on youtube:

First rough video from the release party show.

My webshop is also up and running. Look at the ”shop” tab or go to:

Web shop for Mattias Törnell

I have also added a ”coming shows” tab so you can see where I (alone or with the band) will be performing next.

Well, I think that´s it for now. Have a nice day, see you around! =)

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