Long time no hear! =)

Hey, it´s me again! Just poppin’ in to give you a quick update. I had a gig this weekend at Gefle Hårdsrockklubb ( http://geflehardrocksklubb.se/blog/ ) . I got to open for the awesome rock trio Bridge To Mars ( http://www.bridgetomarsband.com/ ) .
I played some of my own songs and mixed it up with acoustic versions of some favorite rock/metal songs. Here´s the setlist:
Break Out (original song, will be releasd in April)
Everlong (Foo Fighters)
Tears Don´t Fall (Bullet For My Valentine)
In This World (Original Song, will be releasd in April)
Sober (Tool)
Hurricane (Original Song, will be releasd in April)

I will be uploading some videos from the show when I´ve gotten them from the camera guy and get some spare time to do it in! =)
Have a great day and week!

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