Some updates!

It´s been a while since I made any updates. I´ve been keeping really busy and have a bunch of news! If you want to have more frequent updates you can follow me on twitter:

Firstly, some news on my album progress: all bass is done and most of the drums/percussion and bass are edited. I have started sending these drafts to a guy that is gonna add some guitars to the album… some electric guitars, slides and so on, both fills and some overall enhancements. So I think I am keeping my time schedule pretty well, hoping to have the album out in mars.

I also had my first ”real gig” as a solo artist a while back. It was a local place that got some last minute cancelations so they contacted me and I thought that I might as well start doing shows… had planned to focus on getting the album done first, but hey, I just can´t turn down a show! ;D

Now I want to get out there more! =D

I am looking over some video material from that show and will post some videos on my youtube asap. Here is the link to my channel for future reference:

I´ve also done a lot of studio work for other people… some recording, editing, mixing and so on… I´ve also released an album on my label, will put up some links to that soon! Have a look at this part of my page for more info about my company:

Well, back to work. Happy new year to all of you! =)

Progress on the new album.

Suddenly everything comes together! A friend of mine (and a great song coach/producer) found a couple of days off so we could track all vocals for my album. Then, by chance, I got an opportunity to track the drums for my songs. The studio drummer I am using on my album was recording some stuff for another record in the studio I am working in and happened to get an opening on a day when we didn´t have any bookings in the studio… so his gear was already there and we had the time to do some tracking! Same thing happened the week after, with his gear on location and spare time for everyone, so in those two days we got all drums recorded and some percussion as well! The guy that owns the studio I am working in is also the man that is doing the bass on my songs… and he too got some time off to track bass for half of the tracks. So the other half will be tracked soon, so I am making good progress on the album! =)

Can´t wait to get the album done and share it with you, I have a really good feeling regarding this album! =)

Here is a few short instagram videos from the drum, bass and percussion recordings, enjoy:


Progress update on my next album.

I have finally begun recording vocals for the new album! =)

I have moved to a new town and have started working in a studio. I can also use that studio to record my own songs on my spare time. I have therefore been able to start recording vocals for the next album, yay! =)

Vocals on 7 out of 10 songs are recorded, 3 to go and those I will record on sunday. I have also booked a drummer for next friday so things are moving on nicely. I am hoping to have all recordings done before the end of the year, mix and master it early next year and have it ready for release shortly after.

That´s it for this update, I´ll keep you posted! =)


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